Internet Cell Boost 3 Premium for Free (Techno360 Exclusive)

By | August 20, 2010

Internet Cell Boost 3 from Reohix is a windows Internet & Network Connection optimization software that maximizes your Internet connection speed to its fullest in a simple click.

Yesterday Internet Cell Boost got updated to version 3, check out Change Log over here. Now we are Giving away Internet Cell Boost 3 Premium to all Techno360 readers, thanks to Reohix Ltd for providing us Premium Licenses.

About Internet Cell Boost 3 :

Windows XP is almost 10 years old and nowadays data rate capabilities of Internet & Networks are far greater than they were a decade ago.While the theoretical maximum transfer speed of your Internet & Network Connection cannot be changed except by upgrading your hardware or Internet Subscription.

But Internet Cell Boost can effectively increase the performance of your existing configuration.It doesn’t matter if your connection is fast or slow, It uses several unique techniques to make sure you spend less time waiting and more time browsing.

Internet Cell Boost is a easy to use software, that optimize various Windows Registry Settings which affect internet and network connection speeds through a simple and intuitive user interface. It works on all types of connections including DSL, Cable Modem, Satellite, GPRS, UMTS, HSDPA, WiMax, Dial-Up, ISDN and closed Networks.

Internet Cell Boost Key Features:

  • Faster download speed and improved websitebrowsing.
  • Parallel sever connections and concurrent downloads.
  • A much smoother multimedia streaming experience.
  • Optimized configurations for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Improved LAN, WAN and VPN performance.

For system requirements and other Details Visit :


    About Internet Cell Boost 3 Free offer / Giveaway:

  1. Every one can get the premium License
  2. Only one rule to get the Premium License is you must either stumble this post or Tweet this post.
  3. Then Leave a comment with your tweet/stumble status.
  4. Download Internet Cell Boost 3 Premium installation file over here

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  1. Ryan

    I’m interested in this program please send me a license. thanks

  2. Oken

    I’m off ten gate problem while update my KIS2010 through dial-up line, hopefully this soft will help me.

      1. Murphy

        Thank you .
        I received the license .
        Best regards !

  3. shez

    I’m interested in this program please send me a license. thanks

  4. Eric Mortenson

    I would like a license so I can check this program out, Please.
    Thanks techno360.

    1. Eric Mortenson

      Ramakanth, I’m new to stumbleupon, just signed up to get your code to be honest and I’m having trouble figuring it out (how to post the link you’re looking for). Any way I can get a code emailed to me anyway (credit for trying??).

  5. macguybrazil

    great for my old PC XP ! thanks. please send me the SN

  6. Duong Tuan Anh

    im interested in this program, please send me a license. Thanks a lot.

  7. Dariusz

    Hi Ramakanth
    Thanks for this Giveaway.
    I would like a license,please. I have XP so this soft would be helpfull.

  8. tito7227

    looks nice program,lets give it a try
    would you send me a license please?
    thanks in advance

  9. norrim

    please give me 1 license.. i am old and new to computer and but i do not know how to tweet neither nor stumble but my internet speed is very very slow.. can you make an exceptiion once for me to get me the license.. as i am afraid by the time i learn how to tweet the giveaway is over.. thanks for understanding

  10. aanayma

    thank you for this gift, please send me a License key.

  11. Muchael

    Thanks for this Giveaway .
    Please count me in
    i do not know how to tweet neither nor stumble but my internet speed is very very slow

    1. kurtumi

      Thank you Ramakanth For Key, I received my license

  12. Dodi Nugraha

    hy ramakanth , i dont have account twitter.
    but i want get 1 license of internet cell boostlite premium.
    please give me ………….

  13. paul pay

    I am having some problems for my network. I hope that you can send a lisence to me. I would like to have useful soft. Thank ahead of time.

  14. Des

    Thanks for another great giveaway.
    I have tweeted your post(see website link provided.)
    Have a good weekend.

  15. Lee

    Hi Ramakanth,
    Congratulations for the giveaway. Keep up the good work. Please count me in. Here is my twıtter address and tweet:
    Internet Cell Boost 3 Premium for Free (Techno360 Exclusive)

    1. Lee

      My surname ıs GARBER ın case you need ıt for the lıcense

  16. Vilim

    I´m interested in this software but I don´t like Tweeter.Can you send me license to my mail?I´m curios.App sound good but is it worth or is it just joke changes?

  17. SAAD


  18. DR Anurag Jain

    Dear Ramakanth
    pl tell me what is a tweet status

  19. Predator

    Pleas count me in dont know how to twitter a tweet.

  20. Subhayan

    Wonderful! This is a great product. Everybody should use it for it really increases the speed whatever the coonection.

  21. bill

    @Ramakanth – Thanks a lot! Just received my license. P.S. Sorry I had a hard time with the Stumbleupon thing. Really enjoy your blog/site.

  22. pkghosh

    Hi Ramakanth,

    I have not received the license as yet.
    I had already tweeted and commented.

    Please reply……

  23. pkghosh

    Hi Ramakanth,

    Got the key just now. Thank you so much.

    Forgot to mention earlier that the new website design is very good. Also other viewers who may know more about web designing can be invited to contribute to make this site ever evolving.


  24. janaka

    hey Ram , I got the Premium Version License Key

    I do appreciate it

    your blog may success further

  25. Lalit

    i am very much interested in this program, please send me a license. Thanks a lot.

  26. Prakash pathak

    thanks Ramakanth i got my key , nd it was too fast just after 10 min of my post , really appreciate you.thanks a ton

  27. Predator

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  28. Oken

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    Be happy and well in all that you do.

  30. salb4

    did you forget to send me License? I tweeted 8-20.
    Thanks Salb

  31. Ram

    Hi Ramakanth,

    Recently, I came across this product “Internet Cell Boost 3 Premium”…and was surprised to see many different products of Reohix that I never saw anybody else doing…They are doing a great job…

    I thought we have download managers for speeding up the downloads…but there is no utility that can optimize the “Browsing speed experience” but was wrong…
    (Before knwing abt this product)

    After knwing abt this product, I am not able to stop myself anymore frm “Browsing at high speeds”…

    I am in great need of this utility….

    Thanks in advance.
    PS:- Tweeted here

  32. Comp

    I’ve heard about this product, and have used other products by Reohix.
    Think this will make a great addition to set of essential tools for optimising system.

    Tweet can be found here:-

  33. Willy_France

    Hello Ramakanth,

    I am also intressted in the programma and retweeted and tweet myself.

    I also what to make use of the opertunity to thank you for all these research, i follow you site one and a half year now and i am very pleased, spread your site thru out all my friends

    Merci from Willy

  34. [email protected]

    can’t i get the license too ?

  35. iamdickens

    I stumbled across this thread hunting for answers on an XP problem. Wouldn’t mind getting a license for this program.

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  37. Raymond Manuel

    Hi Ram,

    This is a very good software. May I also ask for a free premium license code / key please. Thanks!

    – Ray