Google Software Removal Tool is a portable app released by Google itself to help you remove programs that are causing issues to Chrome browser.

Google Chrome browser is designed to be simple, secure and fast, but installing some addon’s will change the behaviour of the browser , these harmful extensions or tool bars not only causes sluggishness but also serves ads by collecting your browsing data.

Although Google tried to fix these issues by not allowing extensions to install silently and event it disabled third- party addons.But for windows users it’s a common problem that installing some softwares will add extensions and tool-bars to the default browser, these extensions may be good or malicious. Although you can disable or remove them , but the malicious tools or extension’s will not go away easily.

In order to help you to remove suspicious programs from your Chrome browser Google Software Removal Tool has been released, this windows only tool will clean up chrome and restores it’s original settings.

Google Software Removal Tool

When you launch the Google Software Removal Tool, it will scan for suspicious programs that hijack your Chrome browser and  displays a window with message   either  “No suspicious programs found” or   “x suspicious programs found”. If there are suspicious  programs, it will ask you whether you would like to remove.

After this step, it will open Chrome browser and asks you to ‘Reset browser settings’. Clicking the ‘Reset’ button will  clear cookies, content and site data, also it will reset the browser search engine, new tab page and home page.Further more it will disable addons on your browser and unpin all tabs.

Software Removal Tool from google

Google Software Removal Tool is not replacement  for your antivirus or security software, this tool is intended to scan(and remove) for programs that doesn’t look like malware but can cause trouble to Chrome browser. So you can utilize this portable app on for this purpose, that too it works only for Chrome.

Download Google Software Removal Tool (beta):