Google Announces the Google Chrome OS

By | July 8, 2009

There has been rumors about Google OS for years and now it became reality:

Google officially announced on their blog,that they are working on developing their  own operating system called “Google Chrome OS”.

This “new” platform promises to provide a system for those who live online. Initially targeting netbooks, the company says that Chrome OS will run on both x86 and ARM processors..

However Google is careful to point out that this is a new and separate project from Android. The move means that Google can concentrate on a separate mobile phone platform and a traditional PC platform.

According to Google, the key aspects of Google Chrome OS will be speed, simplicity, and security with a fast start-up that gets users onto the web in a few seconds.

Google Chrome OS is essentially a Google optimzed Linux kernel with a thin desktop UI layer , that relies on the Google Chrome browser as the app UI layer.

This latest move from Google has added more fuel to the fire that there will now be even lower prices for Netbooks, as it is a known fact that running Windows is more costly. One thing is certain, Google’s move in to offering an OS for Netbooks is sure to ruffle a few feathers.

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0 thoughts on “Google Announces the Google Chrome OS

  1. IamMe

    I think this OS will be bad because i’ve been searching the Internet about the Google Chrome OS and I found some pictures of the desktop in GCOS and i don’t like the design… I also don’t like that it will update all Google progammes. Anyway, these pictures can be fake so we will have to wait untill GCOS comes to sale but I hope it will be free for everybody. I like Windows 7 better and I will have it installed untill GCOS comes but if GCOS doesn’t be good I will stay with the Win7….Because I think that it’s better than GCOS… So, goodbye! :)

    1. saakeman

      I think the os will mainly be like “lnux, ubuntu”

      and microsoft is good but is beginning to become a slack

      *google is good , we cannot reply on “bad” becuase we don’t know finale yet , becuase it is not final

  2. Techno Girl

    I have installed Chrome OS on one of my netbooks and the performance of Chrome OS is just okay. there is nothing fancy or very special about it. It was just a sort of GUI version of linux or something.

  3. Mike

    Chrome OS is just another rebranded Linux GUI, it would be much better if Google came up with an OS that would directly compete with Windows.

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  5. saakeman

    i like my Linux the way it is

    * Microsoft may be good but there is a limit

    *the google os might be the futere of the web , but don’t know if it woud be good for gaming later and/or if there is wine on it ?

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