F-Secure Key  is a password manager that secures all your accounts  across  Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms.

This security tool  simplifies your life with one secure password , the application stores all your passwords in one user name, so all you need to remember is one master password. That means, you all ways have all your passwords, logins and other credentials available on all your devices, your data is strongly encrypted to keep it safe from thieves.

F-Secure KEY

It is good practice to use unique, strong passwords on every site you log into on the web, but remembering them all can be impossible and storing them in your browser isn’t particularly safe. F-Secure Key stores and encrypts all your passwords locally on your Computer, and automatically logs you into sites you visit.

The app acts as a personal assistant for your hard to remember logins and passwords, furthermore it will protect your passwords. It can also generate secure passwords and provides a news feed that keeps you informed of any major  hacking incidents on the web.

There are free Android and iOS apps available and if you upgrade to the paid edition for $20 a year, you can Sync password data across all of your devices.


Overall,F-Secure Key is an simple password manager suitable for beginners, it works well enough and offers all the core features that you expect from a password manager.


Download F-Secure KEY for  Windows / Mac / Android / iOS

Update [20/1/2017]:

F-Secure Key  FREE  for a Year:

The Finland based security Firm ‘F-Secure’ is   offering One year subscription  of PREMIUM version ($32 worth) of F-Secure KEY password manager free of charge.

Just download the installer of  this password manager on your device,  for example windows users download the installer from here, install the software on your PC and launch the app, set a master password.

Next, from the apps main interface click on ‘subscription’, then click the option ‘Have a voucher ?’ and enter below  premium voucher to get 12 months free subscription.

F-Secure Key Voucher : KEY4CCLANS2017

Note: The Giveaway will be available till  21/1/2017.

Clash of Clans forums are HACKED, 1.1 million accounts stolen! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: get 1 year subscription of F-Secure KEY Premium for FREE with code KEY4CCLANS2017