For a limited time period ESET is offering $20 worth ESET Mobile Security 2.0 Full Version Licence for free. This free offer is applicable to Android, Windows Mobile & Symbian devices.For Android and Windows mobile users , Eset Mobile Security offers real-time protection from malware, spam and theft.

Now a days Smartphones and tablets are increasingly used for communication, entertainment and other purposes, at the same time threats from malicious applications & malwares for these mobile device are growing day by day.To counter these threats, well-known security products developer “ESET” has launched a premium security solution for protection of Mobile devices from known and unknown threats.

ESET Mobile Security 2.0 is a full-featured application to protect Android & Windows Mobile users from malware, phishing, and other threats. This mobile security app is based on ESET desktop antivirus technology, this technolgy has received several awards for it’s efficiency.ESET Mobile Security is the first security product optimized for Windows Mobile and Symbian, bringing unmatched performance along with proactive protection and a rich set of features.This security product has the most important security features such as malware scanner, anti-theft and anti-spam or Anti-Phishing, SMS & Call Filter and Security audit.
The malware scanner or Antivirus modules provides real-time protection, on you request , it will scan all files or selected folders on your device to detect and remove malicious apps or move them to quarantine.

ESET Mobile Security 2.0

If your devic is stolen or mispalced, you can lock or wipe your device through this app’s Anti-Theft module. This module will automatically locks your device of an unauthorized SIM card is inserted and automatically notifies a friend that to trust.

Anti-Theft module locates your device via GPS and you can lock your device or Wipe your device’s memory through SMS command.With SMS & Call filter feature, you can control who can reach you and when. You can block incoming calls and messages from unknown or hidden numbers. You can filter outgoing calls and block incoming calls or messages from specified contancts at specified times.


Anti-Phishing module detects malicious sites designed to steal your information.Phishing is an online identity theft method that uses fake websites to acquire your passwords, personal information or banking details. Phising sites can also contain malware that can infect your device.While the Security Audit module wil provide certain details about how your device behaves,notifies changes in important device settings and app’s permissions.

Overall, ESET Mobile Security 2.0 is a must have application for mobile devices, it has intuitive interface and great features to safeguard your device from emerging threats.

ESET Mobile Security 2.0 free one year License:

Now you can get $20 worth ESET Mobile Security 2.0 full version license for free, just visit this Eset webiste, then ‘hit’ the free download button and enter your name & email address to receive license key. You will receive an email from ‘ ESET NOD 32’, which contains product or activation key and link to download ESET Mobile Security apk.

ESET Mobile Security activation key

Download and install the app on your mobile device, launch the app and to open the License section, tap the Menu icon in the ESET Mobile Security main screen (or press the MENU
button on your device) and tap License. Now select the option “Activate Application Using your Activation Key”, then enter your email address and license code you received, next tap activate button.


After activation is successfully finished, you will receive an email form [email protected] which contains information about you license validity, Eset account’s Username and


Update (11/2/2014):  Above Promo is still working,  just  updating this post to notify a new promotion  available for Android users, this new promotion is set by German website.

1.First visit  the ESET German webpage,  hit  the download button to download  ’ems.apk’, next scroll to bottom of that  page and you will notice a form.

2. Fill all the fields in that form and click on ‘Akitvierungscode anforden’ button.

3.You will receive the activation code for your license, copy the code and on your mobile device, install the apk file  that you downloaded from the ESET webpage.

4. Run the ESET mobile security app, press the “Why Premium?” Button and activate the application by entering the code and your email address.

Note : The activate code you received through this promo will not work on ESET app downloaded from Google Play store.

ESET Mobile Security SID-Aktion