drweb-livecd-logo Many times our computer get’s infected  by virus’s and spy ware’s that make’s  system slow and corrupts windows . What should we do? The best thing is to format the computer and install Windows . Are there any alternatives?

Yes, thank God there are alternative’s like an emergency anti-virus aid disk that will restore a Windows/Unix system rendered unbootable by malware, thanks to Dr.Web LiveCD.

Dr.Web Live CD
Dr.Web LiveCD is an anti-virus solution that will revive an operating system that was rendered unbootable by malware. The anti-virus will clean a computer of malware and cure infected system files or place them in the quarantine if necessary. Dr.Web LiveCD can be especially useful for users whose machines often get infected or for companies that provide system restore and diagnosis services.

The new product from Doctor Web is a Linux LiveCD that can be used to scan Windows and Linux machines for viruses. A user may choose to load the software in the standard GUI mode or start in the safe mode using only the command line. The latter option is meant for customers familiar with Unix-family operating systems. Dr.Web LiveCD allows performing express, full and advanced scan.

Dr.Web LiveCD also supports updating of the virus database and can be used to send suspicious files to the virus laboratory.

Now Dr.Web LiveCD can also be loaded from a flash-drive using the CreateLiveUSB script. A user can specify a partition of a flash drive on which he wants to place Dr.Web LiveCD. If no partition is specified, CreateLiveUSB will enter a stand-by mode. After that a user needs to insert a flash drive into a USB-port. The script won’t change or remove any data stored on a device. However, it is recommended to backup the files on another drive before you use it to load Dr.Web LiveCD.

Besides, the updated version features support of Intel graphic chips (i810 drivers) and has issues with Matrox video cards and an X.Org video drive for Intel fixed. Some changes have also been done to rule out any boot errors.

Did i forgot to say that Dr.Web LiveCD is available for free?

Official Site : Dr.Web LiveCD

Download Dr.Web LiveCD(66MB)

Download the ISO file (like minDrWebLiveCD- from FTP site and burn it with the help of ImgBurner’s on to a CD and restart the system,that’s it!

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