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Today, Iobit released the final and stable version of “Driver Booster” software and  its available for download for windows users. Drive Booster scans and identifies outdated drivers on your windows system, then updates them via the cloud, the application uses cloud technology for fast delivery (download) of updates.

Earlier in June month we reported that Iobit has released a beta application for automatically updating outdated system drivers on windows system. Now after releasing 3 beta versions, the developer Iobit released Drive Booster 1.0 (stable version) , the software is available as a free edition and pro edition. Also Driver Booster module will be integrated into upcoming Iobit’s system maintenance suite Advanced SystemCare 7.
Coming back to driver booster, the Pro version costs $29, the main difference between these two versions is, the developer claims pro version provides 300% Faster Driver Downloading & Updating Process, also you will get technical support.

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Driver Booster is the most effective and easiest driver updating tool designed for your windows systems. Driver Booster adopts cloud technology to update its driver database and thus ensures that all your drivers are always up-to-date. With one-click solution, it saves you a lot of work like finding available updated drivers, and downloading and installing them.

Furthermore, it provides silent install mode, which makes the installation of various drivers silently and easily.


Installation and user interface of Iobit Driver Booster:

Installing the app is very simple, just double-click the .exe file of the installer and the process will be finished in few seconds. When you run the app for the first time, it will automatically scan the drivers installed on your system and display drivers that need to be updated with a rating like old, very old and Ancient. If the app displayed two or more drivers has an update, you can update all them by clicking on “Update All ” button or you can update any individual driver.
Iobit Driver Booster has sleek and user friendly interface, when you click the big “Scan” button on the main screen, the app will scan your system and displays a result window with a list of installed drivers.
This window is categorized into four columns : devices, more info, performance and Action. Devices menu shows the name of the driver, when any driver shown as outdated,Clicking on the text link in “More Info” provides information about the type of driver and how updating it may improve performance.
If all drivers are updated, the performance will display the drive is perfect and Action menu will display the current version of the driver installed and the release date.

If certain drivers are outdated, the performance menu will show how old the driver version is with a rating like “Old, very old, and Ancient”, further the action menu will display “update” button, clicking on this will update the driver.

Features of Driver Booster 1.0:

  1. Friendly Designed User Interface for Easier Understanding
  2. One-Click Driver Updating for Maximum Hardware Performance
  3. Specialized Driver Tweaking for Top Gaming Experience
  4. High-test Database Ensures the Steady and Secure of Driver Updating
  5. Cloud Technology Automatically Ensures Database for Supported Devices are Always Up-to-Date
  6. Silent Mode Automatically Updates Drivers in the Background
  7. Supported Incremental Update Method to Save More Data
  8. Up to 300% Faster Updating Speed (pro feature)
  9. Supports 31 languages.


Keeping your system drivers up-to-date not only  improves the performance of your systems and smooth gaming  experience, but also improves the security by avoiding hardware errors  and Iobit’s Driver booster helps you to find and update drivers  with just one click, this is a must-have app  on your PC.

Download : Driver Booster 1.0 (free)

 Driver Booster Pro Free 1 year License:

Actually, three month ago I published this article  when the final version of the  software has been released, today I got to know about a free offer/promotion for  Driver Booster Pro version. The pro version doesn’t have too many differences when  compared version , so instead of writing a new article, I’m just updating the article with the pro version promotion details  This promo will offer $23 worth license of  Driver Booster Pro  for free.

Iobit Driver Booster pro scans your system for old, outdated drivers and downloads and installs the latest versions. It can improve gaming performance and the only difference between  Pro edition and the free version is that driver downloads are throttled, so free version users have to wait a longer for the newest versions of drivers to be installed.

To grab the pro version license, visit this Promo page (Czech language), then enter your name , email address and hit the confirm button.

Actually they are sending same license code to all users and when you activate it (under mange license), you will find that expiration date is mentioned as never.

driver booster pro license

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