Dr.Web Security Space & Dr.Web Anti-virus free for 1 year

By | February 16, 2011

Do you need a Commercial Internet security suite or do you feel your current security software isn’t enough to avert web-based threats. Then this multi purpose promo is for you, which provides free 1 year license or serial that works for Dr.Web Security Space , Dr.Web Anti-virus and Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite.

About Dr.Web Security Space Pro :

Dr.Web Security Space provides comprehensive protection for systems running on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (32- and 64-bit) against all types of Internet threat.

Protection components :

  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-spy
  • Anti-rootkit
  • Anti-spam
  • HTTP monitor
  • Parental control
  • Firewall

Dr.Web Anti-virus :

Dr.Web Anti-virus provides basic protection against viruses. It includes online updates every hour, a simple but complete interface, memory checks, uses of few resources, resident protection, trojan detection as well of all the features of normal antivirus programs.

Dr.Web Free offer :

So first Choose which Security Product you want either Dr.Web Security Space or Dr.Web Anti-virus and follow below steps

  1. First Visit this Russian Promo page
  2. Now enter your email ID in first(left) box, then enter your friends email ID in second box and click “Red” button as shown in below image
  3. Instantly you will receive a serial number, copy it to notepad.
  4. Now register your serial number over here ,follow specified instructions and download your license key (zip)file.
  5. Note : Extract “drweb32.key” file to a folder or to desktop

  6. Download (check below links) & Install the security software , during Installation click browse button “specify the path of the key” and select the downloaded “.key” file and activate your License, That’s it!
  7. The free offer will end on March 9, 2011.

Download Links :

Dr.Web Anti-Virus 6 (32 bit or x86 systems)
Dr.Web Anti-Virus 6 (64 bit or x64 systems)

Dr.Web Security Space Pro (32 bit or x86 systems)

Dr.Web Security Space Pro (64 bit or x64 systems)

Note : I tested the License with Dr.Web Anti-virus.

0 thoughts on “Dr.Web Security Space & Dr.Web Anti-virus free for 1 year

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  2. Jay

    It asks for a Username/Password when I try to download the Anti-Virus from your links [??]
    Do you have a Mirror on HotFile or RapidShare etc?

    1. Ramakanth Post author

      Above download links are FTP links, which means direct links. I checked them from chrome browser, they are directly downloading the software.

  3. Alex

    Unfortunately only the key to Dr.Web Mobile, the key is not on the Dr.Web Anti-virus

    1. Ramakanth Post author

      hey Alex,

      You should convert the serial number to .key file (refer step 4) and use that key file to activate either Dr.Web Security Space or Dr.Web Anti-virus .

      Note : During the conversion of .key file, it will say the license is only for Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite.But it works on Dr. Web other products too.

  4. bangre

    I am little affraid to use this product. First we extented the license by 150 days and now we exploited to use same license on mobile security, antivirus and web security space. Licensing is the most looked over area by any security manufacturer. This software cannot protect itself from get exploited and can it protect us. I only use cureit of dr. web I will even give up that thing now.

  5. Dr Rajesh

    Thanks Ramakanth for posting a good thread having one year licence. Followed the procedure and got the key at website and also in email. Now downloading and hope will end successfully.

    Thanks buddy

  6. tango

    Hi there,
    This is not working. Tried the same key for Dr. Web antivirus three different times & got that downloaded again & again 3 times but still no go. getting error message that says registeration key mismatch.

    I believe the key is for Mobile security only as stated on website. so no need to play with the key & use your Inteligence.

  7. tango

    Hi there.

    I wrote my experience & comments. Are we deleting the bad comments from this page. Hope we are not else people will not get to know the True story.

    Ramakanth, kindly check this.

  8. Ramakanth Post author

    Hi Tango,

    I didn’t delete any comments, generally all comments will appear only when I approved them.

    Regarding Dr.web, I installed Dr. Web antivirus yesterday and used the key file, it worked for me. Today once-again I checked the status, but it is working.

    Dr.web license
    I have one doubt? did you converted the serial to .key file.

  9. Dr Rajesh

    Hey buddy, the same problem I am getting as it says the “Licence key is mismatched”. Followed all the procedure as you conveyed but I was getting the same message with the screen showing my licence is already registered like you have shown here. But the suite doen`t starts.
    Problem is there for it.

    1. Ramakanth Post author

      Hi Rajesh,
      If that is the case click ‘Register’, then enter serial number, you will receive a key file.Use the key file, once again activate the software , download updates and reboot the system

  10. tango

    Hi Ramakanth,

    My apologizes. I am soo very sorry for the above comment. It was a big bad mistake from my end.

    Sorry again.

    Thanks for the guidance.

  11. Mubashir

    Dear ramakanth,
    i wanted to ask u that have u tested this antivirus on any infected system? i want to know how much effective antivirus this is.. as i am already using G DATA internet security and confused that should i install this or not.. :s Your suggestion would be appreciated.

    1. Ramakanth Post author

      My suggestion, don’t install this on your system. As G-Data is already heavy on system resources and installing this will slow down your system.

      I didn’t checked it on an infected system, as all my systems are loaded with KIS or kaspersky CBE

      1. Mubashir

        thanx for the reply.. i was planning to remove G-DATA as my license is expiring next month.. anyways thanx for your prompt response..

  12. Archer

    Nope same issue with key file mismatch despite trying both programs and several keys using your method.If you open the key file in notepad it clearls states
    Created=2011-02-17 (12:00) UTC
    Expires=2012-02-19 (12:00) UTC

  13. Mubashir

    It worked for me and got the antivirus successfully activated on my windows 7 32 bit! thanx alot

  14. Romesh

    Hey Ramakanth is it better than Trend micro titanium internet security.Please reply as soon as possible.

    1. Ramakanth Post author

      Currently Trend micro is using cloud technology and quick, but Dr. Web is a traditional antivirus. So you have to decide depending upon on your system and web usage.

      1. Romesh

        Hey thanks for reply but thats not an answer to my question .Please let me know whther I should switch to this antivirus.

  15. neo

    same mismatch problem…can u suggest an alternative…
    Or prolly they fixed the workin of keys so that u cant use mobile key for antivirus/web security space…
    pl reply…
    i guess even archer has the same issue…
    or Tango share the silly mistake u made…maybe we are makin the same mistake…
    tried diff keys…everytime it says ‘registered’ and then it says ‘key mismatch’
    lemme know if any solution can be found…

  16. Andy

    Unfortunatly there is no solution for registration problems, key received from Dr.Web works ONLY with
    DrWebWinMobile thats all.

    1. Mubashir

      no its working for me man.. i have myself installed this and its working like a charm..

      1. Archer

        if its working then open the license file in notepad and post what it says under the line Application =

  17. Archer

    Hey Mubashir if its working then open the license file in notepad and post what it says under the line Application =