Do you want to download Youtube videos to your Desktop so that you may watch them again and you are searching for  a simple Online or desktop tools to download the videos.

Then here is a simple and quickest online solution from 3outube, which allows you to download youtube videos just by changing the letter “Y” to “3” in  the(youtube) video’s URL address.

How to Download ?

  • Go to youtube video page that you want to download
  • Example URL :

  • Now change the letter “y” to “3”, as shown below and click enter button
  • eg:

  • Now you will see a webpage similar to below screen shot, click on the video format (MP4 or flv) you would like to download and download the file, that’s it.

  • Do you have a simple solution better than this ?

    via: 3outube

    DISCLAIMER: Downloading personal copies of YouTube videos violate the youtube ToS