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Startup Delayer: Speed up Windows startup

If there is anything that I hate in Windows, is the waiting time to boot the system, but over time I used to, now I come to the office and while the system starts i used to prepare a coffee, turn on the lights, etc. However, installing several applications(softwares) will delay the

Download Windows Media Player 12.0.7000

Since users are testing different versions of Windows 7, we have seen some of the most outstanding characteristics that are adapting to Windows XP and Vista, such as the Aero Shake, the visual style, the official wallpapers, the calculator, among others.. Something you might not know is that Windows 7 will incorporate
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Edit Windows Live Messenger 9 with A-Patch

A-Patch is a lightweight program designed to enhance your Windows Live Messenger experience.Modifying your Windows Live Messenger with A-Patch is very easy.It does this by giving you a multitude of options, over 56, which allow you to customize the look and feel of Windows Live Messenger, even change some functions. A-Patch lets

Windows Live Essentials: A pack of essential software from Microsoft

Believe it or not, Microsoft is developing, at last, yesterday (Dec 16) it updated a pack of (worth) most essential programs of its Live Suite. The Windows Live betas we’ve been playing with for a while now have just received another refresh. As of today, the page at has been updated

How to open Office 2007 documents in Office 2003

For those who decided to stay with Office 2003 and not upgrade to Office 2007,but often found with the problems like unable to open other files like docx, pptx, xlsx or similar to that Office, since they are from the 2007 version. For these users, Microsoft has a patch that can activate
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Morro: The free antivirus from Microsoft for Windows 7

Microsoft announced through a press release it will stop developing its OneCare security suite product by the end of June 2009. The truth is that ,I think this is a good idea because OneCare has never been the star product from Microsoft, such as antivirus, it always left a lot to be

15 Activation Keys for Windows 7 Pre beta

Although we can download Leaked version of Windows 7 Pre beta through torrent,but without an activation key, you can only use it up to 30 days trial. It was found that the old Windows Vista Beta and RC product keys can be used for Windows 7 Pre-Beta which can activate it,but those
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DeskAngel: Desktop Management

DeskAngel(Freeware of the Day) DeskAngel is an enhancement tool for Windows desktop. It is simple, green and totally free. DeskAngel is a lightweight and portable application for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista that offers additional functions for the management of the desktop operating system. Many of the features available are