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Download 200 Free Themes for vBulletin

If you have a Forum or thinking to create a forum powered by vBulletin and you are loking for free Themes then you must consider this website vBskins,where they offer over 200 free high-quality vBulletin skins, All you have to do is simply registering your account  on vBskins site and start selecting

How do I recognize if my computer is infected by Conficker?

After the article on How to remove or delete the worm Conficker, many people have asked me .. that How can they recognize that their computer is infected by the virus conficker? Thanks to conficker working group,we can resolve this doubt and check whether your computer is infected or not by using
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AppLocker : Blocks execution of applications

Is it possible to block (automatic) launching of some windows programs like Internet explorer, which cannot be uninstalled ,for example accidentally double clicking .html or .xml file opens IE .The best solution would be through the group policies, but frankly this is like killing flies with a cannon(gun) in most cases.Application Locker
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The 10 worst OS in the history of computing

It is now possible to choose among a wide variety of operating systems to run our PC’s, but most probably almost 90% PC’s will have operating system’s pre-installed by the manufacturer or seller. Throughout the history of computing there are many operating systems that failed for their mistakes . The PCWorld Magazine

Scratch : a new programming language for children

Scratch is a new programming language designed to help children from 8 years and above to develop their learning skills.The name (scratch) comes from the technique used by disc jockeys to mix together existing records in creative ways. Primarily aimed at children, Scratch does not require prior knowledge of complex computer languages.Instead,
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Get Free Corel Paint Shop Pro X full version

This Promotional offer is Set by Lexar for it’s customers (although any one can get this),where it is giving out all full version of Corel Paint Shop Pro X (v10.10) for all users. Thanks to Ranjith for informing this offer,who bought a Lexar memory card and found this promotional offer for a

iCloud – A web operating system

iCloud is a free “web OS” like  YouOS and EyeOS.It’s an OS-like desktop but with good design  and quite similar  user interface  that we have in  Windows 7 or Vista, with a sidebar which can be customized through widgets. This is a beta service which is free to try and runs a

Google Update released as Open Source

Google is still in the Open Source philosophy, now it released Google Update under the Code name “omaha” and available for Download at Google Code under the Apache 2.0 license. Omaha check for updates to the software without interrupting or distracting the user ( running in the background), even if the application

Smartphone Lighter – Virtual lighter on your Windows mobile

Smartphone Lighter is an Free virtual lighter application for Windows Mobile. This fullscreen lighter simulation serves for no purpose, except for a fun time with friends or acquaintances.So you can celebrate most touchy music in a concert with this lighter. Advantages? you have no risk of burning or waste of gasoline.(