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Free 60 Days License for all BitDefender 2009 products

We are here with another Bitdefender 2009 promotional offer,where we can get Free  60 Days license for  all Bitdefender 2009 products, i.e Single license for  BitDefender Antivirus 2009,Internet Security 2009 and Total Security 2009. This is a Arab promotional offer,so it is in Arabic language,don’t worry it requires only one step to

Critical vulnerability discovered in Firefox 3.5

Secunia has discovered a vulnerability in Firefox 3.5, which allows the attacker to execute arbitrary code on the others PC. The vulnerability is due to an error in the management of processing JavaScript code. To exploit it, attackers or any one just need HTML tags which will cause  memory corruption and opens
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Download Paragon System Backup 2010 RC For Free

The Paragon System Backup application was designed to provide simple and automatic entire system & data backup. Paragon System Backup 2010 Release Candidate is the upcoming product from paragon. Some of the features of this software- Complete backup of your files with minimal supervision. Easy restore to previous state in case of

Google Gears now officially supports Firefox 3.5

Google released the official version( of Gears for Firefox 3.5, as Firefox 3.5 breaks compatibility with the older Gears version. Gears is a browser plug-in which enables web applications by continuously adding new features to the web browser. The tool even lets you gain access to some of the web applications
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80 Beautiful Video Game Wallpapers

As a gamer I always like have my favorite Games as a background picture on my Windows Desktop.I have just been searching for wallpapers and found a nice post at Hongkiat. So I’m here to share with you an excellent collection of 80 Amazing Video Game Wallpapers across the different game consoles.All
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Google Against Phishing

Phishing remains one of the biggest threats to the network, email spam has gotten to the point that, even legitimate emails are marked as spam in Gmail or other mailing services. To put a check to these issues, Gmail which was recently out of beta introduced a new security feature to completely
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FavBackup: Backs Up Any Browser

FavBackup is an interesting application (freeware) which can  backup and restore any browser.This application can backup almost everything in your browser , including bookmarks, extensions, plugins, cookies, history, settings, profiles and many more options. FavBackup supports all browsers from Firefox (versions 2, 3 and 3.5), Internet Explorer (versions 6.7 and 8), Opera