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Ashampoo Snap 7 is a screen capturing software for your windows system. The application lets you capture both images and videos, plus it offers a full-fledged editor to edit your screen shots.

Normally to  take a screen-shot  on windows system we prefer to use Print screen key (prt scr) to capture screen shots and later we will edit out the capture by pasting (ctrl+v) it on a image editor such as Gimp or Paint. This process is lengthy and time consuming, more over ‘Prt Scr’ key doesn’t let you capture videos and multiple screen shots, specific portion of the screen.

To cut down this process,save your time and offer multiple screen capture options, the German software developer Ashampoo GmBH provides it’s all-in-one screen capturing tool called Ashampoo Snap 7. Once you installed this app, you will never turn back to Print screen key (prt sc) to handle screen shots.

With Ashampoo Snap 7, it takes only seconds to capture images and videos right from your screen with pixel precision.

You can capture the whole screen content, single windows, scrollable texts or websites or selected parts of the screen and save them a chosen format (PNG, BMP, JPG, APCDOC,PSD and PDF are all supported) or capture videos. You can edit the screenshots with a number of tools: Change the color, highlight areas, change the size, add graphics or stamps, blur areas and more.

After finishing the editing you can not only save the output on your local drive, but also you can save it on remote or cloud drives such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive , email and Facebook.

ashampoo snap 7

Ashampoo Snap 7 has straightforward interface, one you launch the app you can either access the functions of the app either from the system tray or from the the capture bar.

The capture bar will appear on the desktop screen in the upper right corner (thin strip of blue.), it will be visible when you hover the mouse on the blue line and you can access the functionality of the app from drop-down toolbar.

If you don’t prefer the capture bar, you can disable it through settings (Configure–>configuration–>General). Also through settings you can change language and set hot keys for different capture features.

For instance pressing “print screen” key will capture the screen with a click sound and launches the app’s editing tool. You can disable this sound and assign different key for capturing screen through ‘settings’ menu.

Key Features:

  1. All-in-one tool for desktop image and video capture.
  2. Create and share screenshots in a snap.
  3. Always ready when needed-fast, intuitive, indispensable.
  4. Save precious time at work.
  5. Seamless integration with Email, Dropbox, OneDrive and Social networks.
  6. AutoSave- Never lose a screenshot.
  7. Full-fledged editor for cropping, transforming, and adding simple effects.
  8. Export to .PSD output option
  9. Many video capture modes: web browser, scrolling window, multiple-window, fixed &freestyle region.
  10. Numerous other editing features and many improvements

Overall, Ashampoo Snap is a feature-rich screenshot and video capture tool with a powerful image editor that does an excellent job in capturing anything displayed on your screen, including video.

Get Ashampoo Snap 7 for Free :

To get a full version of this product you have to pay around $20, but now the developer Ashampoo GmBH is giving away fullversion licenses of this product.

To grab a free license of this product visit this page : and enter your email address. Next download the installer from this link :

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