AppFalcon is a dedicated uninstaller for Windows system that removes unwanted programs along with leftover junk. The app can be touted as an alternative to  Revo uninstaller, the best in this category.

Another interesting fact, AppFlacon is a product of  Orman Kuza company and the founder Shenel Emin is the lead developer and co-founder of VS Revo Group,  where he developed the core features and components of Revo Uninstaller (free and pro).

A single user license of this AppFlacon costs $15 per 1 PC, now Orman Kuza the developer is giving away 1 Year UNLIMITED PC License of this product for free.

To get your own copy, visit this promotion page, scroll down to notice a  simple form as shown in above image, enter your name, email address and hit the ‘Request License’ button.

For this promo you need patience, wait for at least 30 to 45 minutes to receive a confirmation email from the developers similar to below image.

Next, wait for around 2to3 hours to receive an activation code, once you receive the activation code, copy the code and download the  AppFalcon setup file [7MB].

Install the software, launch the application and on the main window click ‘About’  and use the activation code you received, watch below quick video.

About AppFalcon Software:

AppFalcon is a versatile Uninstaller for Windows that thoroughly uninstall programs and their leftovers, also it can remove leftovers of already partly deleted programs.

The app has a straightforward interface, not just uninstalling the programs at your request, the software suggests you potentially unwanted apps called CrApps,” and even suggests you suitable alternatives to software that are installed on your PC.

Furthermore, the uninstaller notifies updates for the applications installed on your windows system.Force delete feature removes any file that you cannot delete, even malware.

Overall, AppFalcon is an approachable piece of software that get rids of programs and their traces, it also increases PC security removing malware and updating your apps.