Windows registry is a database where the configuration settings and options of windows software is stored. Due to continuous modification in windows environment either by new software installation or but just shutting down/turning off or any sort of usage windows registry has to allow in-place modification of their contents. As a result often it cannot lay out related data sequentially thereby making the system registry fragmented. Fragmentation of system registry lowers the response time of windows and its software and that’s where comes the utility of registry defragmenters.

There are a pretty many free and paid registry defragmenters that does this essential job of defragmenting windows registry but not all are equally efficient. To my personal experience Auslogics Registry Defrag (Paid) does this job most efficiently but now I have found a freeware alternative that performs exactly in the same manner as Auslogics. The tool is Ainvo Registry Defrag. The features are the following:

  • Nice and clean interface with no complex options.
  • Ability to create system restore (optional) using the built-in tool in windows.

  • Quick check-up of system registry for the amount of fragmentation.



  • Scheduling the fragmentation during windows boot that need not be performed immediately.


  • Defragmentation during windows boot.

  • After restarting windows it opens the default browser with the report.

Ainvo registry Defrag works fine on windows 7 / Vista / 2008 / 2003 / XP, 32 / 64 – bit with 128 Mb of RAM and 25 Mb of available disk space. Their homepage is badly arranged but they are quite efficient in coding and bug-fixes. I have tried the software in both 32bit and 64bit environment and have found no problems but with a bit improvement in performance.

The latest version can be downloaded from here.