Aerofoil :Improves vista laptop battery life

May 16, 2009 Off By kavya

Aerofoil is a small Open Source utility that will help you stretch the life of your Laptop battery in Windows vista by giving options to users at hand to turn off certain features that are not needed such as the Aero interface or using Bluetooth connectivity or Wi-Fi.

The great advantage of AeroFoil is little resource consumption, a tool that automatically change our “energy plans” from High Performance mode to energy-saver mode when connected to a power supply by turning off Windows Aero and the Windows Sidebar.

It can be scheduled to run at startup,It will place an icon in the system tray and keep it there always, and indeed does not consume anything.

Another great advantage of Aerofoil is it works perfectly with Windows 7 (if the Sidebar is off)

More information: Aerofoil

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