If you have fed up playing games online or to relax from stressful work schedules then its time to watch movies without going to a movie theatre.
Previously we have written on 8 ways to watch Bollywood Movies Online.
In a simlar way i tried to list some sites that offers free high quality hollywood movie streaming sources.
There are lot’s of sites which offer good quality Hollywood movies online for free. Some of these sites also offer old classic movies which may not be available in DVD stores. So here is the list of 7 Popular sites which offer good quality Hollywood movies online.



Watch Movie.Net is one of Popular site,as it has a huge collection of movie streaming database and excellent community support to pick the right streaming links. You can find free streaming of almost every new Hollywood movie on this web site.
Watch Movies.Net Hompage



Joox is a good site for watching movies online although Joox does not host any movies on their servers. They have a great collection of latest English movies.
All the movies are hosted on http://stage6.divx.com/, a YouTube like video sharing website for high quality videos.
In order to view movies on Joox, you need to install a plugin from stage6. Joox is definitely a reliable source for watching Hollywood movies online.

Joox Home Page



66Stage is an updated collection of high quality streaming movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Comedy Shows, Anime, Cartoons and more. To be able to watch DivX movies you need to have The DivX Web Player available. 66Stage also offers download URLs for movies listed.
Like joox.net this website also does not have community support.

66Stage Home Page

Emol.org is different from other sites in the way that it has a great collection of classic English movies. Emol catalog includes a selected collection of nearly 200 classic films- comedies, cartoons, dramas, romance, westerns, classic TV shows and dozens of music videos, video clips and movie trailers.

The web design is also very classic. The layout and structure of emol website is very classic(like websites of 90s). So you may find little difficult to identify where to identify the movies and play them

Emol.org hompage



Movie Rumor is another good source for latest Hollywood movie online streams.This site also hosts links to multiple sources of a same movie so that we can switch the streams if one fails.

Movie Rumor has less number of movie titles when compared to Joox and 66Stage, but it does have latest collection of movie
Movie Rumor Home Page



Miro plays almost all available video formats (WMV, MPEG, QuickTime, XVID, AVI, etc.), makes playlists and browses collections. Videos can be displayed in full screen mode.To watch Internet TV simply explore the built-in channel guide with hundreds of free channels. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds or podcasts. Miro can auto-download videos as they are published on channels that you have selected

The software also allows the search and download videos from YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video and many other video sharing sites. BitTorrent is supported.

I think whether it is miro or micro?
Miro Hompage


Hulu.com has best legal dvd quality movies, TV shows.There are some HD movies too. It is great to watch movies with full screen from your big flat screen.

But,Hulu is a great source for watching DVD quality movies only for US visitors. Hulu is not accessible outside US
. If you try to access from outside USA, you will be greeted with this message

“Sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed from within the United States”

Hulu.com Homepage
These are the 7 Popular sites which offer free high quality movie streaming source we are able to identify on the internet,if you find any more good ones, please do share in comments.